Floral Zodiac Tattoo Designs

In this article, you will be introduced to 12 delicate floral zodiac tattoo designs – one to represent each astrological sign in the zodiac circle.

This collection of floral zodiac tattoo designs fuses the ancient disciplin of astrology with flowers to create simple and timeless pieces that will stay relevant for centuries to come.

The flower assigned to each zodiac sign is carefully chosen with the sign’s characteristics and birth flower in mind. Combined with your sign’s unique constellation, this serves as the perfect way to express your identity and your connection to the cosmos through your tattoo.

Which sign should I choose?

The answer to this question might seem obvious. Many people decide to have their sun sign – mostly referred to as zodiac sign – tattooed. This is ideal if you identify and relate with your sun sign’s characteristics and would like to portray that!

However, other parts of your birth chart might be worth considering. Some people prefer showcasing their rising sign, and others their moon sign. Getting all of your big three for a more in-depth representation of yourself is also a way to go!

That was just a little food for thought before you make up your mind about what floral zodiac tattoo designs to get. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the designs below!

All designs shown in this article are created by me and are available for purchase as instant digital downloads by clicking on them. My work may not be copied or used without my permission.

Floral Aries Tattoo Design with Honeysuckle

aries honeysuckle tattoo design

This floral Aries tattoo design combines the Aries constellation with two blooming Honeysuckle flowers. The honeysuckle symbolize new beginnings, vibrancy, and happiness – three things that resonate deeply with Aries. Click here to order.

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Floral Zodiac Taurus Tattoo Design with Poppy

taurus poppy tattoo design

This floral Taurus design combines the Taurus constellation with two poppies. These flowers are chosen as they symbolize determination, resilience, and patience which are all known characteristics for Tauruses. Click here to order.

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Floral Gemini Tattoo Design with Lavender

gemini lavender tattoo design

Embrace your Gemini energy with this Lavender Gemini tattoo design. In this piece, the Gemini constellation is adorned with three lavender twigs to symbolize vibrancy and colorfulness which both resonate with Gemini. Click here to order.

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Floral Zodiac Cancer Tattoo Design with Cherry Blossoms

floral cancer tattoo design

This dainty Floral Cancer Zodiac tattoo design combines the Cancer constellation with three delicate cherry blossoms. The cherry blossoms are a perfect fit for this zodiac sign as they represent sensitivity, delicacy, strength, and integrity – characteristics that are typical for Cancer natives. Because the moon rules Cancer, a crescent moon sits at the centre of this piece to symbolize transformation, depth and feminine energy. Click here to order.

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Floral Leo Tattoo Design with Sunflower

sunflower leo tattoo design

This Floral Leo tattoo design combines the Leo constellation with a blooming sunflower. The Sun is the ruler of Leo, and a sunflower represents some of the same qualities as the Sun and Leo natives: warmth, happiness, passion, and light. Click here to order.

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Floral Zodiac Virgo Tattoo Design with Buttercup

virgo buttercup tattoo design

This Floral Virgo tattoo design combines the Virgo constellation with two blooming buttercups. The buttercups are carefully chosen for this Virgo piece as they symbolize delicacy, clean lines, and achievements which all resonate deeply with this astrological sign. Click here to order.

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Floral Zodiac Libra Tattoo Design with Bluebells

libra bluebells tattoo design

In this Floral Libra tattoo design, the Libra constellation is entangled in delicate Bluebells. This is a flower that symbolizes balance, truth, and justice, making it the perfect match for balance-seeking Libras around the world. Click here to order.

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Floral Scorpio Tattoo Design with Geranium

scorpio geranium tattoo design

This Floral Scorpio tattoo design combines the Scorpio constellation with two blooming Geranium flowers. They symbolize the mysterious, intuition, depth, and intelligence, all of which are typical characteristics for Scorpios. Click here to order.

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Floral Zodiac Sagittarius Tattoo Design with Carnation

sagittarius carnation tattoo design

This Floral Sagittarius tattoo design captures the characteristics of the astrology sign perfectly by combining its constellation with a carnation. Carnations symbolize love, longevity, and passion which all resonate deeply with this zodiac sign. Click here to order.

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Floral Capricorn Tattoo Design with Pansy

capricorn pansy tattoo design

This Floral Capricorn tattoo design combines the Capricorn constellation with a pansy to represent free thinking, consideration, love, and intellect. These are all characteristics that resonate deeply with Capricorn. Click here to order.

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Floral Zodiac Aquarius Tattoo Design with Orchid

aquarius orchid tattoo design

This Floral Aquarius tattoo design combines the Aquarius constellation with an orchid. It’s a flower that represents luxury, love, strength, and beauty which makes it the perfect match for this astrology sign. Click here to order.

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Floral Zodiac Pisces Tattoo Design with Water Lily

water lily pisces tattoo design

This floral Pisces tattoo design portrays the Pisces constellation behind a beautiful, blooming Water Lily. This flower is carefully chosen for this specific piece as it symbolizes artistry, whimsicality, purity, and elegance, making it the perfect match for Pisces. Click here to order.

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