On this site you will find a collection of the most frequently asked questions and their respective answers. If you have a question that you do not see here, feel free to get in touch with me on the contact page.

My designs are digital files, meaning the size is not set in stone. You can resize a design to make it fit your wishes. There is almost no limit for how large you can make a design. The limit for how small you can make a design depends on the specific design, its level of detail and your tattoo artist’s comfort zone. 

If you decided on a design but are not sure whether your tattoo artist will be able to make it in your preferred size, please consult your tattoo artist before purchasing the design.

No. I create designs for people to bring to their tattoo appointments.

The price of a custom design varies. While some customers request large and complex designs, others request smaller and more simple ones. Therefore, I need some background information before I am able to let you know if I can bring your idea to life and give you a price. To find out which details I will need and how the custom design process works, please click here.

No. You may not copy my art for personal use of any kind. The copyright law applies to everyone and for all purposes.

Please consult me before purchasing a design that you want to use for something other than a tattoo as you need my permission first. This goes for all kinds of personal use. My designs may not be used for commercial purposes or redistributed. If you are interested in a business or art collaboration, feel free to get in touch.

I would absolutely love to help you out with some smaller details in case you would like my artistic opinion on what might look good and what might work best. I’m happy to offer ideas and suggestions, but the general idea needs to be in place first. 

Yes, absolutely! My designs are available to customers worldwide, and the same thing goes for custom orders. 

Unfortunately I do not allow this. If you wish to discuss a possible collaboration, feel free to get in touch.