Terms and Conditions

By purchasing a design, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

All my designs are subject to copyright. You must purchase a design before having it tattooed.

All designs in my webshop are available to more than one customer. If you’re looking for a unique design, I recommend ordering a custom design. When you purchase a design from my webshop, you will receive a link to your instant download. Once you’ve made your payment and received your link, the payment is non-refundable. When you purchase a design, you are purchasing a digital download and not a physical product.

All payments go through PayPal.

You may not share the link to the digital download with anyone. It is however allowed to purchase a design as a gift for another person, in which case you may send it to the recipient. If this is the case, you may not also use the design yourself. If you want matching tattoos with someone, you must purchase a design each, even if it’s the same design.

My designs are strictly for personal use. My designs, or altered versions of my designs, may not be used for commercial purposes, copied, or redistributed to any third parties in any shape or form.

My designs may only be used for tattoos. If you wish to use a design for something other than a tattoo, you must consult me first and get my permission, also if the way you wish to use it falls under the category of personal use.

You may not purchase my designs as a tattoo artist and tattoo them onto your clients.

You may not send the design you purchased to anyone (apart from your tattoo artist) and you may not share the design itself it on social media or anywhere else. You are allowed to share photos of your tattoo.

When purchasing my designs, you purchase the right to have it tattooed, not the right to claim the artwork as yours or to copy it. I am always the owner of my artwork.

If you are not sure if your tattoo artist will be able to tattoo the design in your preferred size, placement etc., please consult your tattoo artist before purchasing the design to make sure. If you purchase a design from me and your tattoo artist does not want to tattoo it, I will not be held accountable and the purchase is still non-refundable.

My designs are digitally traced.

In case the above guidelines are not respected or complied with, I plan to enforce my rights under copyright law.