Moon Lotus Unalome

lotus unalome tattoo design

A blooming Lotus flower adorned with crescent moons above and below, as well as a Unalome at the bottom. A Lotus tattoo holds a powerful significance – and the Lotus flower is legally protected in many countries. The sacred and fragrant flower grows through mud and is seen as a symbol of purity, strength, and […]

Coyote Tattoo Designs

girl custom tattoo design

shop tattoo designs Go to webshop Go to webshop Custom tattoo design A custom tattoo design is a unique design created specifically for you. Did you browse through my pre-made designs and like what you saw, but have a particular idea in mind? Or do you simply want a design that no one else in […]


girl custom tattoo design

TESTIMONIALS I had a vision of what my custom design would be like, and not only did it turn out perfect but she also walked me through the process of designing it, even the little details! I felt so at ease knowing I have brought my idea to such a talented artist that went above […]


unalome planet tattoo design

Unalome tattoo design adorned with a planet and a crescent moon


unalome planet tattoo design

Unalome tattoo design decorated with two planets and blooming flowers


pandora planet unalome tattoo design

In this tattoo design, two crescent moons are intertwined with an Unalome to represent the path to enlightenment. At the center of the design, a radiant planet with a ring around it adds a cosmic touch. The celestial bodies in this design symbolize wisdom and intuition, and the crescent moons specifically represent the cyclic nature […]