Moth & Coffee


Moth & Coffee is a mystical and magical tattoo design that combines the nocturnal allure of a luna moth with the comforting ritual of coffee. This finely detailed piece captures a moment of stillness where something as rare as a luna moth sits on the edge of a cup of something as ordinary as coffee.

At the heart of the design is an artisan ceramic cup, adorned with three-dimensional celestial elements: a shining sun, a crescent moon, and stars, all contributing to an ethereal and cosmic vibe.

The luna moth rest delicately on the cup’s edge, perhaps contemplating a sip. It invites you to cherish moments of quiet reflection. The stars above the moth symbolize guidance and add a dreamlike atmosphere to the design.

This Moth & Coffee tattoo design is perfect for anyone who loves to dream and find magic in the mundane. Anyone who appreciates the balance between the small pleasures of life and the cosmic realm.

Moth & Coffee

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