What started out as a small creative outlet in 2016 over the years turned into a tattoo designing business. I’ve always striven to make my corner of the internet a calm and cozy one that people can visit for inspiration, pre-made or custom tattoo designs, or simply to unwind.

The inspiration for my tattoo designs derive from countless sources, both tangible and volatile ones. From the warm light of a candle bouncing off a wall, an enchanting book, or the sound of waves hitting the coast of Copenhagen to the sensation of a soft blanket, a dusty lilac sky, dreamy clouds, a tasty meal, or an indescribable feeling that hits out of nowhere – whatever makes my soul overflow usually inspires me to create. It’s a perpetual cycle of receiving inspiration and giving it back to the world.

“Art is the expression of the artist’s overflowing soul” — Hans Hofmann

Symbolism plays an important role in my designs, and they all become infiltrated with meaning as I create them. The moon is a recurring element in many of my designs because of its mesmerizing beauty and heavy symbolism of transformation, intuition and feminine energy. So are other celestial and natural elements such as the sun, other stars, constellations, leaves, and flowers.

But the attribution of symbolism doesn’t stop when I lift my pen after finishing a piece – it keeps on going for as long as people observe the designs. The beauty of art is that it does not only exist objectively, but also subjectively, first through the eyes of the creator and then, through the eyes of the observer. You, as the observer, add your own meaning to the art you observe, which in its own way turns you into a part of the piece itself.
That is why you can adapt my symbolism fully or partially, or choose to add your own symbolism to any given tattoo design, in order to make it resonate with your own journey.